Wheat flour laddu

Wheat Flour Laddu is very easy and simple traditional konkan/maharastrian recipe. It needs only few ingredients but finally when laddu is ready its very tasty. This laddu is very nutritional and it is especially made during Krishna Janmastami, Chaturti and also specially made for ladies who are expecting. I made this laddu during Krishna Janmastami. This recipe can be made very quickly, but needs some exact measurement of Ghee and sugar along wheat flour, which helps in making of round laddu's. Some do add milk, but it comes as halwa consistency. I haven't added liquid content. It is purely made using ghee. Make one when you find free, I am sure you will love it!!!

    • Wheat Flour- 1 Cup
    • Sugar - 1 cup
    • 5 Cardamom pods
    • Ghee- 50 gm
    • 2 tbsp cashew pieces (You can also add raisens/badam/pista pieces)

    Powdering of sugar :

    • Grind the sugar along the cardamom pods to fine powder.
  • Wheat flour laddu Method-1

    Take a wide kadai, add 25 gm of ghee, when it melts add the cashew pieces. Fry till cashew is slight brown. See that you keep the flame medium throughout the process

  • Wheat flour laddu Method-2

    Add the wheat flour and roast on low heat until it turns golden brown in color and aromatic.

  • Wheat flour laddu Method-3

    Here you can see the wheat flour has changed the color. Add the powdered sugar and combine the roasted flour, powdered sugar well just for 2 minutes. Remove from heat.

  • Wheat flour laddu Method-4

    When warm and easy enough to handle, divide the mixture into parts and roll them into balls. If the mixture is little dry to make balls, add some ghee (I have added remaining 25 gms of melted ghee). Leave to cool so that they firm up.

  • Wheat flour laddu Method-5
  • Wheat flour laddu Method-6
  • Wheat flour laddu Method-7
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