Undi Oondi (Steamed Rice Dumplings)

Steamed rice dumplings are called undi/oondi in Konkani. They are a popular Mangalore - Udupi breakfast. They are also called pundi gatti in Tulu. 
Undis show up atleast once a fortnight in most Konkani homes. Steamed rice balls with a flavourful seasoning are yum in itself. They taste great, when hot undis are served with lots of oil on top and with a spicy coconut chutney or pickle. I have made rice dumplings without seasoning, here the coconut along with rice gives a flavorful taste after steaming.
The only way to experience the bliss of a breakfast is to make it yourself. It is really easy to make these undis for breakfast! Here are some more tips and tricks to make undis easily at home.

Undis are made in so many different ways, I have seen many versions myself. We sometimes use boiled rice along with white rice grains to make undi. Some people grind the rice well into a paste and make undi, others use coconut milk to cook the rice grains, a lot of them also use store bought idli rava/rice rava to make undi and so on.

    • 2 cups sonamasuri rice (soak overnight)
    • 1 cup grated coconut
    • 2 tbsp coconut oil
    • Salt to taste
  • Undi  Oondi (Steamed Rice Dumplings) Method-1

    1) Grind the rice along coconut next day morning. Grind it to course batter. Avoid adding more of water.
    2) Keep a wide vehicle under low heat. Add coconut oil, grease it. Pour the ground batter into the vessel. Add salt, mix well.
    3) Keep stirring the batter gently so as to evaporate excess water. Continue doing until the batter get into a mass like Chapati dough.
    4) Turn off the flame and transfer the cooked dough onto a plate. Or let it cool under moderate temperature. Wet your palms with water.
    5) Pinch small portions out of the dough and shape them either into balls or ovals.

  • Undi  Oondi (Steamed Rice Dumplings) Method-2
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