Surnoli (fluffy-soft konkani Pancakes)

Surnoli is a popular delicacy among the South and North Kanara Konkanis. We prepare it usually for breakfast. It can be sweet with Jaggery and also plain/sour (without Jaggery). Though the dough needs to be fermented like the normal dosa or Idli, we do not use Blackgram dal (udad dal). We use puffed paddy [layi(konkani)] to make the dosas fluffy, some people use beaten rice(poha) as well. I have used dosa rice here. If you do it in right consistency the dosa quality will speak it all way!!! :) You can have this yummy dosa along fish/ chicken curry, also with veg kurma. It is very simple, but at end you will surely love it making too. I made the batter at night for our morning breakfast. When you make the batter using pestle & mortar it ensures the best possible flavor and aroma, and doing so manually gives you ultimate control over consistency and coarseness. Ancient way of grinding is always best,some chefs still use this tool of choice when it comes to making pastes and blending spices !!! I have used grinder for making the batter. Give a try for this fluffy-soft Konkani pan cakes :) Enjoy!

    • 3 cup dosa rice (soak for 6-8 hours, I soaked it for more than 8 hours since morning to night)  
    • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) soak it along rice.   
    • 2 cups poha (soak it with equal level of water 1 hour prior to grinding)   
    • 1 cup grated coconut   
    • 1/2 cup fresh curd
  • Surnoli (fluffy-soft konkani Pancakes) Method-1

    Making of dosa batter :
    1) Grind the rice, methi ?seeds along curd to make smooth batter. Do not add more water.
    2) Similarly grind the poha along coconut to make fine batter.
    3) Transfer batter to a vessel. Mix both the batter well by beating it using hand.
    4) Keep the batter with close lid for over night fermentation. 

    Making of dosa :
    1) Heat iron skilet. Grease it with butter /Ghee /coconut oil.
    2) Spread even rounds of dosa batter. Close the lid. Cook surnoli on one side for a minute. Serve the surnoli hot with a dollop of butter or along Curry of your choice.

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