Neer Dosa (Tulu) | Pan Polo (konkani) | Savoury Rice Crepes

Neer dosa is a delicacy, which you would find in most homes in Dakshina Kannada region ( Mangalore, Udupi, Kundapur ). 'Neer' is the word for water in Tulu and a few other Indian languages. This dosa is very thin and yummy. It is very easy to prepare. You can either use Sona-masoori Rice / Dosa rice and add half the quantity of grated coconut while grinding the batter. Rice and coconut ratio should be 2:1 ratio, which makes the neer dosa soft and tasty.

    • 2 cup dosa rice soaked overnight.
    • 1 cup grated coconut.
    • 2 tsp Salt.
    • Water 3 cups to make thin batter. [Be careful not to add more, you can adjust the batter consistency accordingly]
    • Coconut Oil for greasing dosa griddle / ghee.
  • Neer Dosa (Tulu) | Pan Polo (konkani) | Savoury Rice Crepes Method-1

    1) Soak 2 cups  dosa rice overnight ( You can also soak for an hour and ,make batter but the best method is to soak overnight ) 

    2) Transfer the soaked dosa rice and grated into the grinder.

    3) Add a cup of water and grind to smooth paste. 

    4) Transfer the batter into vessel. Add salt and water to make consistent neer dosa batter ( a little thicker than water approx 2 cups ). See that you give a trial making one dosa to check you dosa consistency.

    5) Keep the batter aside for an hour to set in warm place, its better to keep aside, but if u are in urgency you can also use it for preparing dosa after grinding.

    Note : While making dosa, stur the batter well each time.

  • Neer Dosa (Tulu) | Pan Polo (konkani) | Savoury Rice Crepes Method-2

    Heat a non-stick tava or Iron tava, grease with coconut oil / ghee, and spread the dosa batter. Prepare dosa under medium flame.

  • Neer Dosa (Tulu) | Pan Polo (konkani) | Savoury Rice Crepes Method-3

    Serve along coconut Chutney or Dhal or Honey. Goes well along fish / chicken / mutton curry.

    Note: If you want to make quick dosa, u can also soak the rice for 20-30 minutes. But for best results, its always good to soak for a long interval.

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