Madgane | Traditional Konkani Payasam

Madgane is the quintessential Konkani payasam which is made of Split bengal gram in coconut milk, sweetened with jaggery and studded with ghee roast cashew and raisens. In Konkani, all payasams  are referred to as "Goddi".
Madgane is traditionally cooked during our festive occasions. This reminds me of the elaborate meal served on the banana leaf on such occasions where the last item to be served is the madgane, which is then quickly slurped off the leaf !

    • Chana Dal (Bengal Gram dal ), 1 cup
    • Rice Flour 1 tbsp (this is a choice)
    • Coconut milk (extract coconut milk by grinding 2 cups of grated coconut, collect 3-4 times extraction)
    • jaggery grated 2 cup
    • 1 tbsp Cardamom Powder

    Dry fruit for garni :

    • Cashew Nuts 15
    • 15 Raisins
    • 15 black kishmish
    • 2 tsp Ghee roasting dry fruits
  • Madgane | Traditional Konkani Payasam Method-1

    1) Soak Chana Dal for 15-30 minutes. Pressure cook (3-4) using 3 cup water. Do not over cook.
    2) Side ways heat coconut milk along jaggery and rice powder. Bring to boil until jaggery gets mixed well.
    3) Now mix both Chana Dal and boil coconut milk mix. Add the cardamom powder. Mix well.
    4) Let the Chana Dal coconut milk mixture boil well under moderate heat for 5 minutes. Keep stirring occasionally.
    5) Finally when the payasam is ready garnish with fried dry fruit. Serve hot, it's the best way to enjoy this desert.

  • Madgane | Traditional Konkani Payasam Method-2

    This payasam tends to thicken up as times passes by because of the dal in it. So add a dash of water when you re-heat leftovers & adjust the sweet levels accordingly.
    Adding a rice powder is optional. It gives the payasam beautiful vicious texture. Some people roast Chana Dal, then wash it with water bfr pressure cooking. This also enhances flavor.

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