Banana in Jaggery Sauce

Banana in jaggery sauce enriched with Ghee is an easy and healthy dessert made with banana of any variety. This desert can be prepared using over rippened banana too. Even Nendra Banana makes a best choice for making this desert. This recipe may sounds simple, yet it is a very delicious. Banana along jaggery and ghee for toddlers and kids is a healthy desert. Nendra banana is a nutritious banana variety which helps toddlers and kids in healthy weight gain. This banana recipe in jaggery sauce sure a treat once in a while and helps fussy eaters to have this healthy banana. This banana in jaggery sauce can be given to babies after one year as a quick dessert. I had used well ripped robust banana as they were more and this was the best way to make all eat.

    • 4 ripened Robust banana  
    • 4 tbsp jaggery powder  
    • 5 tbsp of Ghee  
    • 1 tsp cardamom powder

    Dry fruit fried in a tbsp Ghee :

    • 10 Raisen
    • 10 black khismis 
    • 10 cashew ?
  • Banana in Jaggery Sauce Method-1

    1) Peal the banana skin. Chopped the banana.
    2) Heat Ghee in a pan. Add the banana and fry under low flame. As these are robust banana, they are soft and release water.
    3) Let the banana change its color to golden yellow. Now add the jaggery powder and cardamom powder. Stir well for well until jaggery melts and jells well along banana.
    4) Finally add the Fried dry fruit. Mix well. Serve it hot or cold. Best is when you have this desert warm.

  • Banana in Jaggery Sauce Method-2

    Note : I'm adding moderate amount of jaggery since banana also is a sweet in taste. The robust banana melts when fried in Ghee, it's very soft variety of banana. You can prepare this recipe using nendra banana too.

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