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I am Padmashree Raikar from the beautiful coastal city Mangalore :) I am very simple , chirpy, love to travel.I have few hobbies in hand when I get bored.... The best thing I do is cook something new.... I have started cooking right from my Primary school days(7th std) as I always used to be curious to cook when small...I love konkan recipes....I try many things out in kitchen during weekends...I also loved food from new places and enjoy them the most. I love reading books, novels also read cookery books and cooking websites. Cooking improves by trial and error.... One becomes a best cook only by learning the mistakes while making it :) I feel cooking is also one art which all should know :) I want to share some of my finger licking recipes which can be tried. Let me know your views too; and suggestions on improving food flavor and color

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